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Kansas City Eye Clinic 2014 Holiday Schedule   As always we have a doctor on call through our regular phone line 913.341.3100 for medical eye emergencies. For pharmacy refills please call your pharmacy and they will contact us. For true medical emergencies, please go to the closest Emergency Room. Happy Holidays from KCEC!

The Dilated Eye Exam

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Do we have to dilate your eyes?  The answer is usually always “yes” and here’s why: Dilation allows the pupil (the dark part of your eye) to open and stay open when the doctor is shinning a bright light into your eye.  There are several important parts of the eye that are located in the… Read more »

Now Open Selected Saturday Mornings!

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Busy during the week?  Can’t get out of school or work? Dr. Dawn Bircher is now seeing patients on the second Saturday mornings of each month. Call us at 913.341.3100 or email us to make your appointment!  Below are the following available dates until the end of the year. September 13 October 11 November 15… Read more »

Tablets Can Help Patients with Low Vision

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Patients with low vision, either from childhood or developed later in life from Macular Degeneration or Glaucoma, have many options when it comes to finding an assistive device to help with daily activities.  First, patients usually undergo Low Vision Rehabilitation where they can learn how to use their remaining vision with their daily activities.  At… Read more »

Vitamins Good for Your Eyes

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If you are interested in a good, healthy Omega-3 or you have been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration and need a quality AREDS2 eye vitamin, then check out Doctor’s Advantage. The doctors at Kansas City Eye Clinic recommend the Omega Shield for those diagnosed with Dry Eye Syndrome or Blepharitis (dysfunction of the oil glands in… Read more »