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EyeSmart is a fantastic resource for patients to learn about eye disease and eye surgery.  Please visit their website here.  Below are some facts about Cataract Surgery.

Most people don’t realize that their vision has decreased because cataracts are very slow growing and can take many years to mature.  A cataract is your own natural lens inside your eye that has become more yellow, dense, and clouded over time.  Compare this to a lens in a camera.  If it changes color and becomes foggy, things will appear blurrier and colors more dull.  We have had many patients come in after surgery and complain to us about the color they painted the living room or bathroom, or their favorite suit they thought was one color and it was actually another.

During cataract surgery, the surgeon will remove your cataract and replace it with a clear lens implant that has been measured to fit your eye.  There are many lens implant options for those patients who wish to reduce their need for glasses, ask your doctor if you qualify for them.  Technology has improved and cataract surgery is a very safe and nearly painless outpatient procedure, with many patients seeing marked improvement the day after surgery.  Get yearly eye exams with your optometrist or ophthalmologist to observe your cataracts and vision over time.  Call the Kansas City Eye Clinic at 913.341.3100 to inquire about cataract surgery or make your appointment with one of our qualified surgeons.

Cataract Surgery by the Numbers infographic