Introducing PanOptix Trifocal IOL

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The first and only FDA approved Trifocal IOL for cataract surgery is now available at KC Eye Clinic!  From Business Wire: PanOptix delivers an exceptional combination of near, intermediate and distance vision and substantially reduces the need for glasses1,2 More than ninety-nine percent of PanOptix patients in the FDA clinical study said they would choose… Read more »

From EyeSmart®: How Corneal Transplants Changed One Woman’s Life

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Twenty years after her corneal transplants, 32-year-old college counselor Stephanie Beaver Alder still marvels at how they changed her life. Read more about her personal journey on the American Academy of Ophthalmology patient education website.   Written by: Ruth Mugalian Reviewed by: Natasha L Herz MD, Thomas L Steinemann MD, Rebecca J Taylor MD Sep. 30,… Read more »

August is Back to School Month

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With summer vacation coming to an end, August marks the start of a new school year. This month we will focus on eye health and going back to school. Eye Health Tips for High School and College Students Students face special challenges to the eyes when they are under academic performance pressure. Lack of sleep,… Read more »

June is Cataract Awareness Month

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According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, cataracts are one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. As we age, the natural lens inside our eyes becomes opaque and hardens. The more mature the cataract, the more difficult it can be to successfully remove during surgery and restore vision. If left untreated,… Read more »

Computer Vision Syndrome

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The New York Times: Computer Vision Syndrome Affects Millions By JANE E. BRODY MAY 30, 2016 Follow the 20-20-20 Rule: Every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break and look at something 20 feet away. Read more here.  

The Dilated Eye Exam

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Do we have to dilate your eyes?  The answer is usually always “yes” and here’s why: Dilation allows the pupil (the dark part of your eye) to open and stay open when the doctor is shinning a bright light into your eye.  There are several important parts of the eye that are located in the… Read more »

Local doctor says you might want to rethink Halloween contact lenses

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From KMBZ: Listen to audio here: OVERLAND PARK- Eye doctors are warning about the dangers of using crazy contact lenses this Halloween. Dr. Stephen Nichols with the Kansas City Eye Clinic in Overland Park says while the cat-eye lenses or the scary demon eyes might look cool, but they could be very dangerous. “The main… Read more »

Vision-Restoring Corneal Transplants Performed in 2013 Will Have a Lifetime Net Benefit of Nearly $6 Billion

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Washington, DC– (October 8, 2013) – Corneal transplants performed in the United States this year will result in nearly $6 billion in total net benefits over the lifetime of the recipients, according to a six-month study undertaken by the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA). The study compared the medical cost of transplant procedures to… Read more »